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times up to learn about the linking thing.

great to be in this class after the awful lunch I’ve just had.

Just great. I wasn’t able to link that well due to the fact that there was this dude that kept watching my screen and asking “why do you have to mention your lunch” and stuff. Yeah, that why this looks so forced… I know…

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Add image

Peacefull hello kittyNow, its time to learn how to insert an image. So i ha to create a new post and name it. upload. Apparently i have not been able to get this right!

Phew! I finally got it. Help is hard to come by in this place so i must say, bigups to¬† my self!! Yiiiihaaaaa! Read the rest of this entry »

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Learning the blog thing

Its pretty cool actually.

Am not able to attend in the first day but no worries, i appear promptly on the second day and boy, is it a blast. These guys stop all that they are doing and start on letting me pick up from where they all begun.

Apparently it whats more interesting is what happened the day before. Well, it may be not that ineresting but hey, its worth noting.

I set off from Fortportal with my uncle, two auntites and cousin for Kampala after the burial of my grany… rest in peace my dear!


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