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…And then it struck!


Pic: Right hand before the accident

I must say that i have achieved a new level of appreciation for God’s detailed expertize in creation. Just let one pull at a strand of your hair and you’ll know that it took great detail to have you formed and put here to live and enjoy the world.

I had a “minor” accident at home (you can call it a freak accident) that led to a lot of pain after about a month and the the loss of functionality of two fingers on my right hand. I was operated to correct the defect but after the 4hr operation under general anesthesia, it was found out that my thumb could not be saved. It could never perform its functions. My index finger would take several months but would eventually recover. That was the good and bad news combined. I was grateful to God and sad all at once. I was depressed for a while but then, I remembered one man who has lived a happy life without limbs. Nick Vuijicic! He is remarkable. I was here thinking the worst with just a couple of fingers failing and he was fulfilled with lots more missing. after that realization, I quit the insanity of depression and plunged into thanking God for his favor upon my life. I did not stop believing that there was a miracle out there for me and at that at Gods’ rightful timing i would receive it. Ii now no longer stresses me that am having a little difficulty in my daily life because i know that there are many more who are less lucky than I am so why not be thankful instead?

Right about the time I received the news about the condition of my fingers, I stumbled on this great book, TORN APART by James Patterson (linked is his blog). It’s a real life story about a little boy who dealt with Tourette syndrome for most of his childhood and finally beat the struggle at the age of 17. I could not be more thankful for such an inspirational story. Anyone who has read it will probably say the same about Cory Friedman. A huge Inspiration!

I am Happy, Blessed, Favored and I got everything I need! I may not be able to type as fast as I used to, do the little basic things like writing, doing the dishes, dressing up, or even brushing my teeth the way I used to, nonetheless am living! I can dance(which is passionately love by the way!), sing, run, jump, and every other thing that needs to be done! That has got to amount to something. Right?

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