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4 Lessons from a Single Dad..

4 Lessons from a Single Dad..

Lovely revelations


Life happens and you find yourself in a state that you never saw coming, a situation you ordinarily never prepare for, but it happens and once it does you are forced to make changes, radical and drastic changes to adapt to the NEW.  To some it’s losing a job, to others finding out you have a medical condition that could be terminal, to others is losing your property .. to me, it was losing a spouse. Nothing can ever prepare someone for such …

So I lost my spouse a year ago and the past one year has been full of lessons, mistakes, adventures and discoveries .. Let’s examine a few lessons from being a single dad..

  1. You can never be mum and dad

So you will have people telling you to fit into the shoes of being mum and dad now that mum is no longer there… I was…

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