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Micro Learning and Mobile

Micro Learning and Mobile

By Craig Weiss

I’m going to start a revolution by pitching you some radical ideas when it comes to successful micro learning.  And no, I’m not inviting Tracy Chapman.

I’m inviting you.  Each and everyone of you reading this right now or tomorrow, or next week or in the future.

I’m going to ask you to take a step out of your safe box of training and/or learning & development.   I’m going to require you to say to yourself, I want my learners (regardless if they are employees, customers or both) to really achieve comprehension, retention and synthesis.  

Finally, I’m going to push some opportunities you can do, right now, well, today, this week, next week or when you say to yourself, “Why isn’t this working, like the said it would at that seminar/webinar or another article?”


SnapChat.  Extremely popular with the millennial crowd and yeah, I admit I’ve dived in as…

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