Micro Learning and Mobile

Micro Learning and Mobile

By Craig Weiss

I’m going to start a revolution by pitching you some radical ideas when it comes to successful micro learning.  And no, I’m not inviting Tracy Chapman.

I’m inviting you.  Each and everyone of you reading this right now or tomorrow, or next week or in the future.

I’m going to ask you to take a step out of your safe box of training and/or learning & development.   I’m going to require you to say to yourself, I want my learners (regardless if they are employees, customers or both) to really achieve comprehension, retention and synthesis.  

Finally, I’m going to push some opportunities you can do, right now, well, today, this week, next week or when you say to yourself, “Why isn’t this working, like the said it would at that seminar/webinar or another article?”


SnapChat.  Extremely popular with the millennial crowd and yeah, I admit I’ve dived in as…

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On a date with THE Leopard!

On a date with THE Leopard!



It started off…not so well considering that after everyone agreeing that set-off time was 5:30pm, people were still strolling in at 8:30pm. Some delay was expected but not to that extent. For that matter, we had to travel all through the night arriving at the time we had planned to wake up! Frustrating, right? Yes please.


We loving the photo shoot

Now we realize we can only freshen up, have breakfast and rush off for the safari in hopes of catching the big cats having breakfast! This was not the case for us – sad but we never lost hope of having a great time. I must say we were blessed to have front view seats to several huge herds of Elephants grazing and trekking about, Buffalo’s hanging out with bucks and the beautiful Uganda kobs, waterbucks, warthogs, and all sorts of beautiful birds! Then came the time of the launch boat ride on the Kazinga channel which was quite relaxing and awe striking more so considering that none of us had had a good night’s sleep. Its as though all the animals line up at the banks always and live together happily forever; we’re talking Crocodiles, Elephants, Buffalo’s, Hippo’s, mountain lizards, plus those whose names I don’t remember. We also chanced at these little and very playful mongooses (First time to know what they’re called in plural. Hehe!).

We then had the rare opportunity of taking a tour on the Kisenyi salt lake and boy was it enlightening! To get to know the process of mining the salt, and how the lake gets split into small pieces for the different miners, and the challenges they encounter daily… yeah, it was good to know.

In all this, our biggest moment was the lounging big cat – THE Leopard – there it was in a tree just a few yards from the road where we were parked! Our hearts pumping, our mouths hanging agape, our hands sweating, we just stood there and watched in awe! I will never get the sight out of my head. We’re told it’s extremely rare to spot these guys and we were the lucky ones! Best day everrr! After what seemed like forever, we grudgingly pulled away, our day was made!

3ed3fd29-ef24-4a4a-8cbf-565ea557c9e4To top it all off, we had the majestic Mt. Rwenzori was in our sights the entire time as well as lakes George and Edward on either side of the low laying Kasese town. All this coming together made such a sight.

We didn’t miss the “healing center” also known as the hot springs in Kasese town. Apart from the amazing fact that hot water is springing from the ground from a tiny fisure in the earthcrust bringing along much needed minerals and salts, many locals pend many of there days lounging in the warm 45⁰ hot pool simply to relax and get enrichment from these minerals.

The damper on our evening was that there had been gun fights in the town between the locals and the security forces and so it wouldnt have been safe for us to check out the night like. We used this time to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Our way back had its own beautiful suprises. First, we stopped at the equator crossing in Kasese, then at the crater lake shaped like Africa(Beautiful one I must say), we spied a family of baboons and viewed the most amazing landscapes!

This meet up characterized with old and new friends what we all needed. It was absolutely awesome! Best of all, we had our most beautiful photos taken by malaikamedia found on the web at


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This is a true story of a boy named Howard Kelly. He was born unprivileged hence, he sells goods from one house to another just to earn a living and pay his education. One day he felt so hungry and…

Source: PAID IN FULL WITH A GLASS OF MILK(Howard Kelly story)

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4 Lessons from a Single Dad..

4 Lessons from a Single Dad..

Lovely revelations


Life happens and you find yourself in a state that you never saw coming, a situation you ordinarily never prepare for, but it happens and once it does you are forced to make changes, radical and drastic changes to adapt to the NEW.  To some it’s losing a job, to others finding out you have a medical condition that could be terminal, to others is losing your property .. to me, it was losing a spouse. Nothing can ever prepare someone for such …

So I lost my spouse a year ago and the past one year has been full of lessons, mistakes, adventures and discoveries .. Let’s examine a few lessons from being a single dad..

  1. You can never be mum and dad

So you will have people telling you to fit into the shoes of being mum and dad now that mum is no longer there… I was…

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Nature’s good pleasure’s

Nature's good pleasure's

Mabere ga Nyinamwiru site in Fort Portal.

Have you ever felt like somebody should just shoot you dead because you’ve had it up to here? OK, maybe am being to dramatic… nonetheless, that was close to what I felt before I took this little tour. It took my breath away both physically (tough walk up there!) and through its sheer awesomeness! It was long due and oh, how immensely enjoyable it was! That was a great way to shut down 2013, way better than I ever thought possible!

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…And then it struck!


Pic: Right hand before the accident

I must say that i have achieved a new level of appreciation for God’s detailed expertize in creation. Just let one pull at a strand of your hair and you’ll know that it took great detail to have you formed and put here to live and enjoy the world.

I had a “minor” accident at home (you can call it a freak accident) that led to a lot of pain after about a month and the the loss of functionality of two fingers on my right hand. I was operated to correct the defect but after the 4hr operation under general anesthesia, it was found out that my thumb could not be saved. It could never perform its functions. My index finger would take several months but would eventually recover. That was the good and bad news combined. I was grateful to God and sad all at once. I was depressed for a while but then, I remembered one man who has lived a happy life without limbs. Nick Vuijicic! He is remarkable. I was here thinking the worst with just a couple of fingers failing and he was fulfilled with lots more missing. after that realization, I quit the insanity of depression and plunged into thanking God for his favor upon my life. I did not stop believing that there was a miracle out there for me and at that at Gods’ rightful timing i would receive it. Ii now no longer stresses me that am having a little difficulty in my daily life because i know that there are many more who are less lucky than I am so why not be thankful instead?

Right about the time I received the news about the condition of my fingers, I stumbled on this great book, TORN APART by James Patterson (linked is his blog). It’s a real life story about a little boy who dealt with Tourette syndrome for most of his childhood and finally beat the struggle at the age of 17. I could not be more thankful for such an inspirational story. Anyone who has read it will probably say the same about Cory Friedman. A huge Inspiration!

I am Happy, Blessed, Favored and I got everything I need! I may not be able to type as fast as I used to, do the little basic things like writing, doing the dishes, dressing up, or even brushing my teeth the way I used to, nonetheless am living! I can dance(which is passionately love by the way!), sing, run, jump, and every other thing that needs to be done! That has got to amount to something. Right?

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times up to learn about the linking thing.

great to be in this class after the awful lunch I’ve just had.

Just great. I wasn’t able to link that well due to the fact that there was this dude that kept watching my screen and asking “why do you have to mention your lunch” and stuff. Yeah, that why this looks so forced… I know…

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Add image

Peacefull hello kittyNow, its time to learn how to insert an image. So i ha to create a new post and name it. upload. Apparently i have not been able to get this right!

Phew! I finally got it. Help is hard to come by in this place so i must say, bigups to  my self!! Yiiiihaaaaa! Read the rest of this entry »

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Learning the blog thing

Its pretty cool actually.

Am not able to attend in the first day but no worries, i appear promptly on the second day and boy, is it a blast. These guys stop all that they are doing and start on letting me pick up from where they all begun.

Apparently it whats more interesting is what happened the day before. Well, it may be not that ineresting but hey, its worth noting.

I set off from Fortportal with my uncle, two auntites and cousin for Kampala after the burial of my grany… rest in peace my dear!


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